DIY Home Improvement Projects Under $25

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Hi friends! Today I am sharing a list of home improvement projects under $25 that you can do this weekend. These are quick, easy, and incredibly affordable ideas to add beauty to your home without spending a ton of money.  Most of these do not even require power tools or crazy DIY skills – a win win! 

When we bought our home back in 2018, there was so much we wanted to do – But we had very little budget to do it. We had to make very careful financial decisions (and very much still do). But this did not allow us to dive in and completely renovate our home right away. We knew it would potentially be years until we had the money to do the home renovations we truly wanted, so I decided to get creative with making our house our home. 

Many of these projects are simple DIYs we have done ourselves, but I am sprinkling in a few great ideas from others, for those that may have a different set-up than we have in our home. So let’s dive into it! 

home improvement projects under $25



1. Make porch planters out of spray painted popcorn tins. 

Add to your curb appeal with these easy DIY planters. This is the world’s easiest and quickest DIY! All you need is a can of spray paint and some old popcorn tins. We used popcorn tins for this project because we had them stored in our basement, but alternatively, you could grab some Dollar Store planters and spray paint them. A simple project that adds tons of charm to your front porch. 

2. Give your dining table a makeover!

This DIY home improvement project is right up there with one of my favorites to date! This is one of the easiest ways to transform your dining room or dining area, and is a fraction of the cost of a new table. 

I wasn’t sure what was underneath this table we found on Marketplace, but I knew I wanted a different finish. 

I was able to strip it with a varnish stripper and our orbital sander, and then kept the original finish by sealing with a satin poly.  We are SO happy with how it turned out. 

Obviously, since different tables can be a made of a different type of wood, I can’t give a great tutorial for this – as we just sealed the natural finish. 

I also have a tutorial for how we re-finished a wooden pedestal table here. 

3. Make your own drop cloth curtains. 

These drop cloth curtains are insanely easy, affordable, and involve ZERO sewing. I do not know how to sew, so I promise you, NO sewing 🙂   An inexpensive way to have custom looking curtains!  In terms of diy home improvement projects under $25, this is one my favorites and a great way to update the look of any room.

Here is how I made these drop cloths into curtains!

4. Build a sofa arm table. 

This DIY sofa table cost us $20 and was done in just one afternoon. Not only is it functional, but it also adds so much beauty to this corner! A PERFECT, functional DIY living room project for a tight budget. 

Here is how we built our sofa arm table.

5. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint! 

Grab a can of paint and give your front door a brand new look! We painted ours in the color Tricorn Black. 

home improvement projects under $25

6. Paint your garage door!

This is one of the simplest DIY home projects out there, and makes a HUGE difference. We painted ours Tricorn Black to match our front door. 

7. Add a new houseplant. 

A houseplant is an easy way to add life and beauty to the entire room.Your local hardware store (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.) most likely has a nice sized indoor plant section for $25 and under. 

Some of my favorites in our home are our fiddle leaf figzz planthoyamoney treerubber treepothosphilodendron

8. Swap out a small area rug. 

9. Make a gallery wall out of Dollar Tree frames. 

You can buy $1 frames from Dollar Tree, create a digital faux matte around the photo, and then print at home or at your local photo printing center!  

Here is our DIY Dollar Tree Gallery wall tutorial.

home improvement projects under $25

10. Organize a spice cabinet, pantry, or closet with dollar store containers. 

I was so tired of the disorganization of our spice cabinet before this project. It was so simple, SO affordable, and completely changed this cabinet! 

Here is our Dollar Tree Spice Cabinet tutorial.

11. Paint an old dresser and replace the hardware. 

We challenged ourselves to spend less than $100 for our son’s nursery. We pulled an old dresser out of our basement, gave it a new coat of paint, and replaced the hardware!

12. Add a couple of potted plants to your front porch. 

I like to use baby boxwoods and yew plants because they work well in containers and are easy to maintain. You can find these at Home Depot and Walmart (or any local plant nursery) for around $5 to $10. I potted them in spray painted popcorn tins from the thrift stores, so these were VERY budget-friendly and a perfect Spring addition. You can find that incredibly easy DIY here. Alternatively, as I mentioned above, you could buy Dollar Tree containers to display them.

Boxwoods and Yew plants will last through summer with routine watering, and can be planted in your yard in late summer/early fall if you’d like to keep them around.

I’ve also been known to trim indoor plants and re-pot for outdoors in the Spring. 

13. Update your house numbers. 

You can find pretty house numbers like these for just $5 a piece on Amazon. 

14. Paint your wooden chairs. 

We found these chairs from Marketplace and I loved the style then, but didn’t love the finish. We used a paint sprayer to re-finish them! 

Here is how we painted our wooden chairs.

15. Rent a steam cleaner and deep clean carpets. 

The upstairs of our home is completely carpeted and was in desperate need of a good cleaning last year. They makes our bedrooms extra cozy, but man, they hard to keep clean. We rented a steam cleaner for Home Depot after realizing we could rent it within a 4 hour window $28. This was the perfect solution, and it actually ended up being cheaper than quoted, because we returned it after 2 hours and they only charged us by the hour!   Made our carpets look new again! 

While this is not a DIY project, this will go a long way in adding value and beauty to your home! 

16. Make your own seasonal wreath. 

While you can definitely find wreaths at local craft stores, why not make an almost completely free one?! 
I made this Fall wreath out of an old grapevine wreath we already had (you can find these at your local thrift store by the dozen usually!) and foraged greenery. This is a great way to get creative!

home improvement projects under $25

17. Update electrical plate covers.

Updating our electrical switch plates was a game changer in our house. I didn’t realize how yellow they were until we painted our walls, and then I couldn’t unsee it! 

Here are some great options!

18. Add an herb garden to your kitchen. 

Did you know you can throw tiny herb plants into your Wal-Mart grocery order for just $3 a piece? My favorite herbs for our windowsill are basilrosemary, and mint. 

That’s 3 beautiful herbs for less than $10!  Not only are these beautiful, but they also are perfect for trimming and adding to whatever you may be cooking! A bit of fresh basil in a homemade marinara sauce is a little slice of Heaven for me. 

I purchased these small terra-cotta pots to go with them (also in our Wal-Mart delivery order). These are perfect for budget spring decor that will continue to bring beauty all year round!

 19. Spray paint your floor vents. 

20. Swap our your kitchen faucet.

You can get this one for the total cost of $25 on Amazon. We made this change after we painted our countertops and the old faucet just wasn’t cutting it anymore. For the price-point, this was a great faucet and held up well! 

home improvement projects under $25

21. Replace or spray paint cabinet hardware. 

Replacing old hardware for new hardware can really do wonders for updating a space and truly change the look of your kitchen.

We got ours on amazon and are very happy with them!

I’ve also seen people have success in spray painting their current hardware to save EVEN more money. If you know that this is a temporary fix that you will be replacing, I think spray-painting is a great option. 

Something to keep in mind is that you will want your hinges to match your hardware. The recent home trend is to have “hidden hinges.” However, that would have involved filling old holes and drilling new ones (basically a ton of work), so we opted to order white hinges from amazon that would blend in with our white cabinet paint.

23. Paint a small bathroom! 

We painted our bathroom a bold color and I’m SO glad we did it. This was such an easy and impactful change. Obviously to keep this budget friendly you’d need to already have the paint on hand, or already have all the supplies needed to paint. But it can definitely be done on a serious budget!

See our DIY Budget Bathroom Remodel.

home improvement projects under $25

24. Paint a countertop. 

Did I just udder the words… PAINT a countertop? Yes, I did! 

We painted our kitchen countertops, to be exact. This might surpass $25 once you buy all the supplies, but honestly – not by much. These held up beautifully for almost 3 years! 

Here is the full tutorial for how we did painted our countertops.

home improvement projects under $25

25. Hang bistro lights outdoors.

Our bistro lights add so much charm to our back patio. 

Find great Amazon options here!

home improvement projects under $25

26. “Age” a pot or vase. 

See how I turned an old vase into “old world” pottery.

27. Have an outdated mailbox? Spray paint it!

29. Update old door knobs with spray paint.

30. Spray paint old light fixtures for an easy upgrade

We spray painted our outdated bathroom light in order to keep it and not spend money on a brand new one. Spray paint completely transformed it! 

31. Hang printable art. 

Get beautiful art without the price tag by using free printable art and pairing it with thrift store frames. I have a round-up of beautiful, FREE vintage spring art here. 

32. Re-finish outdoor wooden furniture. 

In order to keep the outdoor furniture we had, I took an afternoon to re-finish it. This was so simple and budget-friendly!

See how we gave our outdoor furniture an update here.

home improvement projects under $25

I hope this list of home improvement projects under $25 inspires your next home project! 



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