DIY Aged Vase (Or Found Pot)

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Hey friends! I’m here today with a DIY Aged Vase tutorial. I have been loving this trend of aged pottery floating around the pinterest world. Anything that adds character to a home, you can sign me up for!

Here is how I aged a brand new vase to make it look like a found pot.

diy aged vase

Can I just say, I was STUNNED by how easy this was and how much I LOVE the final product! The process is repetitive, but so easy. It took about 40 minutes total (including a 30 minute drying time for the mortar) and cost us $3!

So with no further ado…. here are the steps I took to age the vase that sits in the center of our breakfast table!

What You’ll Need to Age a Vase:

You can actually see video highlights of this on my instagram here!

  • Old (or new) vase or pot
  • 1 or 2 cans of flat finish spray paint (I only used 1)
  • Gloves
  • Dirt
  • Piece of sandpaper
  • *optional* Mortar (I’ve seen people use mud as well. Anything that will dry and add texture will work!)
diy aged vase

How to make a vase look old:

1. Lay out something to create a flat surface in your yard. We have a dry/dirt area on the side of our house that I just laid brown bags over to create a work surface. If you don’t have that, a cardboard box or even newspapers can be helpful!

2. Collect a bowl full of dirt (lol)

3. Apply gloves!

This is the vase we started with. Not an unattractive vase by any means! I was just ready for a change.

diy aged vase

p.s. If you need a visual of any of these steps – you can see my instagram highlight here !

1. Spray paint your vase in desired color. I chose flat black. This coat doesn’t have to be perfect, but cover the pot or vase.

2. Immediately afterwards, while spray paint is still wet; grab a handful of dirt and spread it all over the pot/vase with your gloved hand.

diy aged vase

3. Another coat of spray paint.

4. Another coat of dirt.

5. Another thin coat of spray paint.

6. *optional* Smear a thin coat of mortar all over to give more texture. Again, mud could also work here — or anything that can be applied that will dry and add a little more texture!

Apply another coat of spray paint and then let dry. I sat mine out in the sun and it was dry enough within 30 minutes.

diy aged vase

7. Using a sheet of sandpaper, sand down the excess mortar.

8. Another coat of spray paint.

9. Another coat of dirt.

10. And FINALLY, your final coat of black spray paint. I told you LOL — repetitive, but easy!!!

And the finished product for the DIY aged vase!

diy aged vase

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NOW… I’m off to age every vase we own!

Until next time,

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