DIY Vintage Art

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I always go into thrift stores with either a written or mental list of what I’m looking for. Frames are ALWAYS something I’m looking for. They are something easy and cheap to change out, pop a new photo in, and give new life to a corner of our home. With that being said, I like to look for old brass frames or wooden frames. I do stray from that from time to time. But in general, this is what I’m looking for!

I found this 16×20 wooden frame for $2 a few weeks ago. I LOVE looking for frames with outdated art already inside. I’m not sure that people often think about replacing the artwork, so when I head into the thrift store, I can usually find a pretty one. Once I had the frame, I set out to hunt down the perfect piece of art on etsy. My friend Amanda on instagram has a print shop, so I looked there first and ended up falling in love with her Lakeshore Trees print.

I was able to download and print in 8×10 at Walgreens. After that, I took the existing artwork that was inside the frame and flipped it so the back (the white side) was up and could serve as a faux matte for the 8×10 print. Pictured above. After that, I taped the print to the existing artwork.

10 minutes, cheap, and super easy! And we now have a beautiful piece of “vintage” art that I’m loving in this corner of the kid’s playroom 🙂

Again, here’s the link to the artwork I used!

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