Dollar Tree Spice Cabinet Organization

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Hey friends! I organized our spice cabinet! Here is how I took one morning, some dollar tree containers, and determination to whip this into shape!

Our spice cabinet before is…well, scary. I cook a LOT, and I’m really no good at re-organizing ingredients after I’ve used spices. However, toooo myyyy credit, I’ve never really attempted to bring order to our spice cabinet that would be easy to maintain. Hence, where this project comes in.

Not everything I used was from Dollar Tree. Some of what you see are containers that I already owned, but for the most part, I have $16 spent at Dollar Tree to thank!

What you’ll need for your Dollar Tree Spice Cabinet Organization:

Supplies: (all pictured above)

  • 10 small glass containers with lids
  • 2 large plastic storage bins
  • 3 drawer organizers
  • A variety of shallow plastic containers

As stated above, I also used a variety of containers that I already owned. If you do not have anything else that you could use, Dollar Tree had a variety of lidded containers in all sizes.

I used a DYMO labelmaker. $10 on amazon… yes please!

Grouping Ingredients:

This is how I broke it down. Most used spices / less used spices / baking supplies / BBQ supplies (the husband’s basket) / sauces / and I grouped bouillon cubes and fresh garlic in a bowl together.

Here is how I did that.

I put my most used spices in the cute Dollar Tree jars with labels. For the ones that we use but not frequently, I bought 3 drawer organizers for them and then organized them alphabetically. Our cabinet is just deep enough to them to stack, one in front of the other, and fit perfectly.

The other containers hold baking extracts, powders, etc. The large bin holds sauces. I have a bowl specifically for bouillon cubes and garlic (a random combo but I use them frequently together and it works!) And another is dedicated to my husband’s smoker seasonings (lol).

I hope this brings a little bit of affordable, organizational inspiration for your own spice cabinet!


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