Easy & Free Fall Wreath

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Today I’m talking about the fall wreath that I was able to make for $0 using wild grass from the side of the road!

What you need for this :
– Grapevine Wreath (I used one we already had, but these can be found for very cheap at craft stores)
– Wheat-colored grass of your choosing (I just used what I found near our home growing wild). What fun about this is that you aren’t limited to what I used — get creative!
– Scissors
– Hairspray

I love the colors and grasses that come with the fall season, but I’ve always had a hard time finding a wreath that isn’t TOO fall, if that makes sense. I love an organic, minimalist look. I also don’t love to spend very much money on seasonal decor.

As September fades to October, I’ve seen people using dried grasses in vases to bring fall color into the home. We don’t have any of the tall grasses in our yard that I’ve seen others using, so my little one and I went for a drive recently to find some growing on the side of the road for this project!

I encourage you to look around while you are driving or out for a walk. When I started really looking, I started seeing different grasses growing wild all over the place that could work for this!

For the wreath, I used a grapevine wreath that we had stored in our basement from our wedding in 2013. However, you can find these at craft stores for very cheap!

I ended up mostly collecting Canada Wild Rye and Yellow Indiangrass for our wreath. I was basically looking for anything with a wheat color and nice texture, and this is what I found in abundance 🙂 I love the gold and red tones in these.


  1. Gather at least 2 different kinds of grass that vary a bit in color and shape. I focused on gathering a thinner and thicker grass. The thinner to be used as the base.
  2. Cover your workspace with a dropcloth, bags, etc. to keep the mess to a minimal.
  3. Take your scissors and trim each piece down, leaving about 4 inches at the end to allow enough length to weave it into the wreath without it sticking out.
  4. Weave in the the thinner grass (I used Yellow Indiangrass) to make a base.
  5. Go back and sprinkle in other grass in the same direction.
  6. Once you’re happy with how it looks, spray the whole wreath with hairspray to help it keep its shape.
  7. Hang your free (or very affordable) new fall wreath and enjoy! 🙂

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