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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors (That Aren’t White!)

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Hi friends, today I am sharing a round-up of beautiful kitchen cabinet paint colors that aren’t white. Surprise! 

When we purchased our house in 2018, white kitchens reigned. I had been dreaming of an all-white kitchen for so long that it was just a no-brainer for me. White paint, DONE! I still really love my white cabinets, but after 7 years of LOTS of daily use – they could use some love. The “easy way” lover in me has considered touching them up with the original white paint. But the change lover in me is winning out. While I love my cabinets, I’m simply ready for a change. 

This past year has really opened up a world of color to the home design world. I believe this really begin in 2020, when everyone was stuck inside their homes and seeking warmth and comfort there. Kitchen cabinets are a great place to experiment with this. If you are a neutral lover, your cabinets are only a small part of your home and can be easily paired with neutral wall colors. 

This being said, the colors I’m sharing today are colors that I’ve come across in my research for our own home for beautiful kitchen cabinet paint colors that aren’t white. So let’s get into it! 


10 Colorful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: 

Edgecomb Gray by Sherwin Williams (aka Baby Fawn) 

Beige cabinets have been called the new white kitchen cabinets, and I have to say I’m in agreement. This neutral color brings an understated warmth. Benjamin Moore describes this color as “a go-to neutral that can refresh a space, while providing a warm, welcoming feeling.”  

Edgecomb Gray (also known as Baby Fawn) is one of the most beloved neutral, off-white paint colors out there. In year’s past, this has been a really popular wall color, as it is most often reads completely neutral without leaning too purple or too green. I’d call this a very light beige – think if creamy white married a light warm gray – and gives the perfect look for warm white cabinets.

This is warm, timeless choice – and most likely the color we are choosing to update our own white cabinets. This color is a great way to update your crisp white kitchen and bring in warmth without straying too far from neutral-loving roots. 

We actually chose this color for our own kitchen cabinets! I wrote up a whole blog post on this specific color here.

Ripe Olive and Pewter Green from Sherwin Williams (50/50 mix)

I love that this mixture marries warm olive and dark green. It gives a “historic” but warm vibe in this modern kitchen design. 

Having seen Pewter Green in person many times, I’d say this color mixture is pretty close, but while Pewter Green can have a bit of blue hue, this one leads more yellow green. 

My opinion of green kitchens is that the earthiness of certain green paints (like this one) lend themselves to being timeless and versatile. A great option and perfect shade to for the color lover that still wants to remain somewhat neutral. 

Pigeon by Farrow & Ball 

Pigeon is one of those chameleon colors that pairs well with a variety of neutrals. I’ve seen the color itself range anywhere from light blue, to gray, to green. Farrow & Ball describes Pigeon as a “cosy and nostalgic blue grey.” 

The varying hue of Pigeon really gives this paint color so much interest and sophistication. Your cabinets will stand out without being overpowering in your space. 

A custom color mix that closely resembles Mount Etna by Sherwin Williams

There is something about a deep blue/green cabinet color that adds so much depth to a space. Sherwin Williams describes this color as an ashy blue with slate gray and green undertones. I also love how this color really makes the brass hardware pop. 

This color, or something similar, is a great color when you feel like going bold but still seeking a classic look. It’s also a great choice when you’re in need an “anchor” or focal point for your kitchen. 

Hay by Farrow and Ball

Speaking of beige paint colors – let’s talk about this warm, earthy one. Hay reads yellow, there’s no getting around that. Definitely yellow undertones here. But it’s the warmest, earthiest, coziest yellow you’ve ever seen.

If you’re seeking the look of colorful cabinets and want to create a super inviting and welcoming kitchen, Hay just might be the right color for you. 

Dropcloth by Farrow & Ball 

We talked Edgecomb Gray at the beginning of this blog post. Consider Drop Cloth as Edgecomb Gray kicked up a few notches. It’s a true neutral, but this color is deeper and richer and will stand out more on kitchen cabinetry. If you’re looking for off-white cabinets with more pizzaz, this is it. 

Farrow & Ball describes this cozy, classic color as “Neither too yellow, nor too grey, Drop Cloth is the traditional name for the indispensable painter’s dust sheet which this muted colour embodies.” 

Source: Light and Dwell

Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball 

Want to really shake things up? LOVE color but want to keep your kitchen feeling calm? Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball might be the color you’re after. 

We’ve been talking about beiges. This is a warm, pink beige or a “dusty pink” that will give your kitchen a soft and understated elegance. 

Source: Barr Kitchens

Reddened Earth by Sherwin Williams 

This is a rich, earthy reddish brown with warm tones that will instantly add charm to your kitchen.

Seeking a bold look that will showcase your personality? While many of the colors I’ve shared are colorful but subtle, this one is bold and unique!  

Mouse’s Back by Farrow & Ball

Mouse’s Back is a warm, taupe-y gray. The right shade if you’re looking for something neutral yet bold. And while this color can definitely lend itself to an “old world” look, adding brass and clean accents will give it a modern look. 

Farrow & Ball states that this color will “read greener when used on the walls of underlit rooms.” So if you have a kitchen with more shadows, this is something to consider. Although, this is not something I’d be upset about! 

kitchen cabinet paint colors that aren't white

Carnelian by Sherwin Williams

Looking for something completely unique? According to Sherwin Williams, Carnelian is a “saturated violet with warm red undertones appears almost brown in some lighting and exudes a dark luster suggestive of mystery and romance.” 

This is for the bold color lovers who are really after something statement-making and just downright fun. The example below is a prime example that when done correctly, your kitchen can be bold, FUN, and timeless. 

kitchen cabinet paint colors that aren't white
Source: Sherwin Williams

I hope my round-up of kitchen cabinet colors that aren’t white sets you down the right path as you as you choose the perfect shade for your home! 


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