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Best Warm White Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets or Walls

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Okay friends, today’s blog post is all about the best warm white paint colors for your home! 

As we know, white paint has been on the scene for quite a few years now as a great option for interior walls. But, over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a shift towards warmer, more inviting shades of this classic color. 

I’ve spent the better portion of this year researching all the different shades of white and slowly narrowing down my favorite warm white paint colors. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a great warm white paint color. Does it have yellow undertones? How does it look in natural light? So today I’m sharing the paint colors that made the top of my pinterest list and that I either already have in our home or would have if given the opportunity. I’ve even sprinkled in a gorgeous color that I discovered in a dear friend’s home that may just be the right shade for yours!

I believe these paint colors will fit into any color scheme. So let’s get into it!

*I’d like to note that there are absolutely so many beautiful, popular choice colors that did not make this list. I tried to round up beautiful choices that are a bit less common. But to name a few warm whites that are tried-and-true… Benjamin Moore White Dove and Sherwin Williams Alabaster are two of my very favorites for a fresh, timeless look!


Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

Let’s start with a tried-and-true, fan favorite. Swiss Coffee is a white that adds warmth and coziness but keeps the clean look that a white paint provides! It’s the perfect balance, in my opinion.

This is a great choice for walls or cabinets if you’re seeking a truly warm color that still reads white.

Source: Jodi Mockabee

Side note: All these warm tones! We have Simply White by Benjamin Moore walls, and I’ve decided that Swiss Coffee is the perfect creamy, off-white cabinet color to compliment. I mean just look at this below! *insert all the heart eyes*

I adore how it pairs with the brass hardware of their white cabinetry.

Photo Credit: The Gilbert Homestead
Photo Credit: s.t.athome

Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams

See it as a PERFECT warm white cabinet color choice in this video by @rnicksoninteriors.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore (aka Baby Fawn)

We actually just chose this beautiful color for our kitchen cabinets. I have a whole post written up on this color and how much I love it on our cabinets here!

Divine White by Sherwin Williams

I had never heard of Divine White by Sherwin Williams until one of my best friends chose this yummy color for the master bedroom of her and her husband’s new home. While it can lean a little beige in photos from the creamy undertone, it just reads warm white standing in their bedroom. It’s clean and bright but SOMEHOW cozy and moody at the same time, and I’m a huge huge fan.

I love how it compliments the warm wood tones of their trim color.

This is also Divine White on their bathroom walls. And while the photos are gorgeous, it really doesn’t do this color justice. If you are working with a darker trim, this is the perfect white paint color for you. My friend Jess has already done the work for you!

Photo Credit: @jessicalaurenphoto

Also how stunning is it as a cabinet color set against a bright white in dressitupdarling’s home? Overall, 10/10 on this color! Such an excellent choice for cabinet color.

Photo Credit: dressitupdarling

Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Simply White is a crisp white that leans a touch warm! It will never be stark, but definitely still reads true white. One of the charming things about this color is how it varies slightly from room to room. In terms of all the whites I’m sharing today, this is the truest white.

This is actually the color we chose for all of our main walls last year. My honest review is that if your home gets a lot of bright light, this color reads pretty true white. I like it best in our hallways and upstairs walls because they are the darker areas in our home and it really does lean warmer there.

That being said, if your house does not get a lot of light, this is a PERFECT warm white, as it keeps things fresh and light but still warm.

I have a full post written on it here.

Photo Credit: Caley’s Cozy Home

James White by Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball describes James White as a warm white with slight green undertones that is “calming, soothing, and airy.”

I love it in every single image I have seen it in. It feels like white… but with a twist.

If you’re looking for a white that’s a touch different, this one’s for you!

Photo Credit: The Flint House
Photo Credit: welcome_to_no.1

I absolutely love it in this kitchen design from the Flint House.

Photo Credit: The Flint House

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams

A warm, creamy white that is almost greige in lower light. This would be a great creamy, off-white wall color OR a beautiful complimentary cabinet color to lighter walls.

To note: The creamier, more off-white you go with a paint color, the more you will need to consider painting the ceiling the same shade. This is the best way to allow the paint to still look “white” and not cream or beige set against a bright white ceiling.

Photo Credit: Lauren Liess

Photo Credit: Designing Vibes
Photo Credit: Willow Root Creative

Slipper Satin by Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball describes this inviting color as a warm, off white that is the “perfect neutral.”

I would describe this color as a light beige. But again, if the ceilings are painted the same color, it will read warm off-white.

Photo Credit: sea.salt.house

Such a dreamy cabinet color!

Photo Credit: champagne_and_ginger

Dover White by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams describes this color as a “warm, sun-splashed white.” Dover White is a very warm white, and will definitely lean a bit yellow. But for a north facing living room, this might be just the color you need to bring in a cozy warmth.

Creamy by Sherwin Williams

I truly hope my research for warm white paint colors helps you find the perfect shade for your home!

Until next time,

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