Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore Kitchen Cabinet Paint

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Hi friends! The long awaited day has arrived, the day I share our Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore Kitchen Cabinet Paint. This color is also known as Baby Fawn! 

If you’ve followed along here very long, you know I’ve debated our new cabinet color for about a year now. The truth of it is, I am a light and bright kitchen gal to my very core. When we purchased our house in 2018, there was no QUESTION in my mind that these cabinets were going to be bright white. That being said, my husband and I had never painted cabinets before and went in on a wing and a prayer without much research. That result was a non-durable paint finish that started chipping almost right away. 

If you’re looking for HOW we painted our cabinets, you can find a detailed tutorial here.

Long story short, our cabinets were due for a fresh coat of paint. And instead of going for the same color, this go round I really wanted to add some warmth to this area of our home while still remaining light and neutral. In true Courtney fashion, I “narrowed” to 12 different colors, ordered samples for each, and ultimately fell in love with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Close runners were Sherwin Williams accessible beige and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, but at the end, Edgecomb Gray was the perfect greige paint color I was after.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint

I’m going to include a lot of photos in this post, because I want you to see this color in varying light. Edgecomb Gray can definitely read a light warm gray, and the next minute be a cream or light beige. I love both equally! The photo above was taken in afternoon light in our kitchen (sun pouring in), when the color reads the warmest and creamiest.

Deciding on Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore Kitchen Cabinet Paint Against Pure White:

I’m showing you a picture below of when I first sampled the paint. When I opened up the can, I thought it might not be a stark enough difference from the white we currently had, but when I held it up against the pure white, I realized this beautiful chameleon, complex neutral was exactly what I was looking for!

I also just wrote up a VERY detailed post on exactly how we re-painted and what paint we used here.

When to Choose Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore (aka Baby Fawn) for Your Kitchen Cabinets

– You are looking for a soft, subtle greige that leans warm cream in bright light.
– You have a small kitchen or a kitchen that does not receive much light, and you’d like to add warmth and interest.
– You love a light and bright kitchen (white cabinets), but want a fresh look while remaining timeless and neutral.
– You want a light greige paint color with warm undertones.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint

Why Did We Choose Edgecomb Gray for Our Cabinets? 

Edgecomb Gray is beautiful and timeless and able to fit a variety of color schemes.  It pairs beautifully with lighter countertops (which we have), and does not lean too far gray or beige. A friend of mine has her walls painted this color and whatever time of day, it’s just stunning and cozy and inviting. I truly find this color to be so warm and yet still so subtle – the perfect balance of gray and beige. We have a small u-shaped kitchen, and anything dark would really just be too dark in here for my personal taste. I wanted a taupe-y color with warm undertones for a “lived-in” feel. Light and bright, but cozy and inviting. 

We also have a pure white “soffit” above our cabinets. Obviously, in an ideal world we could remove the soffit. But due to the set-up of our kitchen, it’s not within our means to remove it. I wanted a color that would shine against the white without making the white look too stark. 

This photo was taken in the afternoon on a cloudy day (our kitchen faces South, so we still get a fair amount of light on cloudy afternoons). Again, I’m going to do my best in this post to show you what the color honestly and truly looks like in varying light.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint

What Color is BM Edgecomb Gray? 

Edgecomb Gray HC-173 is technically considered a gray paint color, although in my opinion it’s smack-dab in the middle of light gray and beige. It’s been a popular living room wall color for years because of the true, light neutral shade that it is. It is a subtle and soft warm gray that leans towards a beige or a taupe. It definitely falls into the “mushroom” color category.

I’m going to do my best in this post of showcasing the different hues this color can give off. In the morning (or in north-facing light or north-facing room), it definitely leans more soft gray and could be considered a cool color. But in the afternoon when the sun is shining in in our kitchen (or in south-facing light), it’s a warm cream/light beige.

On it’s own, it will appear to be a creamy, “greigy” white. Paired against a white trim, it will shine as a light mushroom/taupe color. 

What are Edgecomb Gray’s Undertones? 

The most notable undertones are green or pink, but it’s very subtle as this is truly such a neutral color. In our kitchen, the green undertones do peek out, but in a beautiful, organic way. 

Edgecomb Gray is, in my opinion, the perfect neutral. There are so many greige colors that definitely lean gray or definitely lean beige, but Edgecomb Gray falls perfectly in the middle, making it what I consdier to be the perfect light greige paint color.  Also a perfect choice and popular choice for an accent color. 

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint

What is the LRV of Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray (aka Baby Fawn)? 

LRV is the “light reflectance value,” which means exactly that – how much the color reflects light. In the case of Edgecomb Gray, the LRV is 63%, which is a mid-range to lighter color on the LRV scale. This makes it a great option for adding color and warmth, while keeping things light (but not too light!)  If you have a room that gets a lot of natural light, it won’t wash out like some light greige colors might in a well-lit space.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint
Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint

Edgecomb Gray is a great choice for the neutral lover that is ready to shake things up. All my fears of a paint color darker than white making my kitchen feel small or too dark have been put to rest with this beautiful color. I’m so happy with how it all turned out!

I truly hope this blog post is helpful as you research Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore kitchen cabinet paint. It may just be the right paint color for you! 

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