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Moody Paint Colors for Your Living Room

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Today I’m sharing 12 moody paint colors for your living room to add depth, character, and warmth! 

I have been loving the emergence of dark, moody hues that have come onto the scene in the last couple of years. White walls and light and bright have ruled for so long that I think many eyes are welcoming something interesting and new. Rich color and darker tones – think dark gray, moody blues, darker greens, rich hue and warm undertones.  And this is nothing against lighter colors (I will always be light and bright at heart), but I’m definitely ready for a shake up something a little moodier in certain areas of our home.  

Back in 2019, we built a faux fireplace in our “front living room” to give it some kind of cozy element. It was one big, empty room when we purchased our home, and “cozy” is always the feeling I aim for within our home. We have since added built-in storage on either side, and shiplap to the wall. And I’m feeling the call to let this be the room where we venture to the moody side.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, dark paint color for this space for about a year, and I’m not joking. ONE year I’ve been considering biting the bullet on this project. I know it’s time.

That being said, today I’ve rounded up the colors that I would love to see in this space and colors that have inspired me as I’ve searched! 


1. Inchyra Blue by Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball describes Inchyra Blue as an “aged blue.” It is truly a statement dark blue yet absolutely timeless color that I keep coming back to. This hue is a true chameleon of rich blue and gray with green undertones.  I love how it looks a bit different in every space and every light. 

moody paint colors for your living room
Photo Credit: AYR Barns

The way AYR Barns mixes natural materials into this design sends it over the top. The warm neutrals are the perfect compliment for this color. The way they’ve color drenched the room and painted the fireplace the same color as the walls creates a stunning focal point. 

From room to room, this is one of those dark paint colors that can lean way more blue or green. So I would absolutely recommend sampling this color on your walls before fully committing. I’ve seen it read anything from teal to bright blue to a moody gray-blue.

moody paint colors for your living room
Photo Credit: Farrow & Ball

2. Mouse’s Back by Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball describes this cozy color as a “classic gray brown.” It is truly BOTH gray and brown, and I cannot get enough of it. Talk about a creating a cozy and inviting mood.

This is a color that I would truly recommend going all in on. So painting the ceilings as well to give the maximum moody effect.

Source: Hammertown

I love how it is used as a trim and door color below. This is a great option if you want to go moody but are not ready to commit to a full room!

I’ve also seen this beautiful color used on kitchen cabinets for a dark, mushroom feel. 

moody paint colors for your living room
Source: The Contender

3. Bunglehouse Blue by Sherwin Williams

Bunglehouse Blue is a “historic color” by Sherwin Williams, and believe you me, it is a stunner. I say this from first-hand experience, as the photos below are from my beloved friend’s home. They painted the whole room – walls and ceiling for extra drama. 

This wall color can read moody shades of  bright blue or dark navy depending on the light entering the room. 

Photo Credit: Sherwin Williams

As you can see, the wall that the light hits reads a much brighter blue than the opposite wall. 

This is a perfect color choice if you want something bold and moody that still gives a very bright pop of color. 

moody paint colors for your living room

4. Pewter Tankard by Sherwin Williams

I discovered Pewter Tankard while pouring through Jean Stoffer’s work.

This color is a perfect choice for neutral lovers that would like to keep things light yet bring in a moodier feel.

Photo Credit: Jean Stoffer Design

5. Mt. Etna by Sherwin Williams

Oh Mt. Etna. I can’t get enough, and it’s a top contender for me for our front living room make over. From Sherwin Williams: “You’ll find slate gray and green tones underlying this ashy blue.”

Our Edith House’s space does an incredible job at showcasing the multiple tones that this paint color gives off.

6. Pewter Green by Benjamin Moore

If you’ve done much research on paint colors in the past couple of years, you’ve heard about Pewter Green. But with GREAT reason. This color is everything. A cool green that is all things neutral, colorful, light, moody. Every single thing.

Last year we were seeing it on cabinetry, and this year, we are seeing it in full rooms.

The photos below are of a dear friend’s recent dining room makeover. They color drenched the room and painted the ceiling as well. When I tell you that this space is a VIBE. The photos honestly do not do it justice.

moody paint colors for your living room

Do you see how it pulls green, gray, and somehow a bit of blue? It’s truly so beautiful.

7. Mountain Pass by Sherwin Williams

This beautiful color is another top contender for our living room. I love the moody slate blue tones.

This is a great option for those who love the moody look, but also want a lighter feel during the day.

8. De Nimes by Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball describes this beautiful shade of blue as a grounded denim.

What I love most about it is that it’s lighter in color, but when you see it take over a full space, it leans wonderfully moody.

moody paint colors for your living room

9. Narragansett Green by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore describes this stunning color as a “bold, blackened teal with a strong sense of history and architectural relevance.”

This is a timeless, moody shade that can read teal, navy, or black.

moody paint colors for your living room
Source: @grace_start

10. Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin Williams

Another beautiful historic paint color from Sherwin Williams. Roycroft Bronze green is a beautifully moody gray green.

11. Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore describes Knoxville Gray as “an alluring blue-green with a heavy dose of gray.”

I fell in love with this color after seeing it in @halfway.to.perfect’s beautiful living room. I actually sent her a message about it, as it’s my FIRST runner for our living room color makeover. She said that is reads almost teal in the day time, but changes throughout the day.

It is a true chameleon of teal, green, and gray.

12. Stonecutter by Benjamin Moore

Oh this color. Benjamin moore describes it as a “lighter shade of black” with tones of slate and teal.

I had actually never heard of it before beginning the process of searching for the perfect moody paint color for our living room. The front of our home gets LOTS of light, all throughout the day.

I know to achieve a true moody look, we will need to go BOLD. I photoshopped this color in to our space and it reads beautifull teal/dark navy.

moody paint colors for your living room
Source: Alma Homes

13. Fading Twilight by Benjamin Moore

It’s been really fun to see moody, warm red hues come onto the scene this year. Chris Loves Julia did this so beautifully in their home’s music room.

Benjamin Moore describes Fading Twilight as a muted and balanced red that can range from brick to violet hue.

All I know is it adds so much depth and mood to this room.

We did go moody in our powder room a couple years ago. If you have a small bathroom, don’t miss this post!  A great place to start if you’re scared to commit to moody just yet. 

I truly hope my research for moody paint colors for your living room helps you in your own search!

Until next time,

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