Best Mushroom Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Hi friends, I’m sharing 9 tried-and-true mushroom paint colors for kitchen cabinets today. I created this list on my own hunt for the perfect mushroom color.

Mushroom paint colors have come onto the scene as an alternative for neutral lovers that are tired of stark white or gray.

I have been pouring over blog posts and doing a deep dive into these colors, researching a new kitchen cabinet color to replace the current bright white that is our cabinets. So let me save you the work and share 9 beautiful mushroom paint colors for your cabinets or home!

What is a “mushroom” paint color?

You may be asking, WHAT is a mushroom paint color, Courtney. Great question! It’s actually quite a few different colors. So, think beiges, greiges, creams, gray greens, subtle browns. Earthy and soothing, and a great choice and alternative to the classic white that we’ve seen so much in recent years.

I also like to start any paint post by discussing the fact that any paint color will look different in different light. If you have a room with lots of natural light, a paint color will naturally look different than in a room without. See how it looks in artificial light vs. natural light. Consider if it is a north or south facing room. Do your floors have warm tones or cool tones? What is the light reflectance value of the paint (the percentage of light a paint color reflects).

Always, always, always grab a paint sample and see how it looks at different times of the day before you fully commit!


SWISS COFFEE by Benjamin Moore

A warm off-white, I know this color has been around for quite some time. A popular choice for a neutral color if you want to keep your kitchen light and bright but bring in a warmer feel.

I recently saw it used as a cabinet color paired against Benjamin Moore’s Simply White (a bright white) and it is the definition of cozy, subtle elegance. I’m sharing the inspiration below from Jody Mockabee’s beautiful home.  

​It’s the perfect color if you want to keep that light, bright feeling but still warm things up. 

This beautiful color with the nautral light of the kitchen makes the room feel so warm and welcoming. 

I know lighting conditions play a factor in how creamy this color reads, so I would always recommend testing a sample and seeing how the colors reads throughout the day as light changes in your home! 

REVERE PEWTER by Benjamin Moore

If you’ve done much research on mushroom paint colors, you’ve run into this color a few times. And truthfully, if you done much paint research in the last 10 years, you’ve seen this beautiful greige all over the place. 

Revere Pewter is a light to medium greige that falls somewhere between warm and cool. It’s one of the most popular greige paint colors (and with good reason).

I love how warm undertones appear in some rooms while cool undertones appear in others. 

AGAIN, another reason to test your paint color before committing! 

I love the Revere Pewter cabinets set against Simply White walls in this beautiful design by Amber Interiors.

STONE HEARTH by Benjamin Moore

Stone Hearth is a beautiful, light greige/taupe that can also lean warmer or cooler depending on the space.

As its name eludes, it’s a true stone color. In comparison to Revere Pewter, it’s a touch darker and warmer, leaning more brown than gray.

mushroom paint colors
instagram: misaliddiard

We actually chose this color to paint our brick fireplace with (photos coming soon!) and it is the PERFECT choice for an earthy, mushroom color in a room with a lot of natural light. 

EDGECOMB GRAY by Benjamin Moore

Edgecomb Gray is a beautiful mix of light gray and beige, and somehow it lands perfectly in the middle. We actually opted for this beautiful neutral color for our recent kitchen cabinet update!

I have a full blog post written up with tons of pictures here.

PIGEON by Farrow & Ball

Pigeon by Farrow & Ball has a cult following, and with obvious reason.

It’s a blue/gray that fills any space with instant warmth and character. It can read blue/green/gray from room to room, so this is definitely a color that you would want to sample in your space first!

I know from seeing this color in a variety of spaces that it is a chameleon and can lean blue, green, or sage-y.

It’s a great color and a definite best seller for many reasons, but I would *again* test it out in your space before committing. As it truly is a color that changes quite a bit from room to room. 

MOUSE’S BACK by Farrow & Ball

Mouse’s Back by Farrow and Ball is a deep gray/brown.

I love the warm earthiness and mood that the color provides.

mushroom paint colors

A perfect blend of dark and moody, but warm and inviting. It really leans towards a more elegant look.

NATUREL by Sherwin Williams

This color is the definition of “mushroom paint colors” to me, and it’s near the very top of my favorites list.

A cozy, warm perfect greige paint color that makes you want to pull up a chair and stay a while.

I think this color is the perfect combination of dark and moody, but still light and airy.

DROP CLOTH by Farrow & Ball

Naturel (seen above) and Drop Cloth are very similar colors. A beautiful warm greige that just yells earthy and calm.

Drop Cloth is slightly darker and a touch less warm than Naturel. However, if you are color matching and nervous about getting the color right, Naturel is a great option for getting a color incredibly similar to Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth.

SHADED WHITE by Farrow & Ball

A soothing, soft gray/white.

I would call this a light mushroom color, but it stays true to the warm earthy feel and pulls a bit green.

mushroom paint colors

I love the lighter shade and warm tones.

Ashley Morrison

AGREEABLE GRAY by Sherwin Williams

You didn’t think we could pull together a list of mushroom paint colors without adding Agreeable Gray, did you?

This one is a cult classic. A tale as old as time.

It’s a timeless color because it has virtually no undertone. A true greige that is beautiful anywhere it’s added.

I sure hope my research of the best mushroom paint colors kitchen cabinets helps you on your own hunt for the perfect color!

Until next time,

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