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Sage Green Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

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Let’s talk sage green paint colors for kitchen cabinets today, shall we? 

In recent years, we are seeing a shift to bold moody wall color and cabinet hues. We are seeing sage green walls in the living room, but I’ve been seeing earthy green most in the kitchen!  Earthy greens have come on the scene in recent years as a way to add color, but keep a neutral feel. Sage green (or light green) is especially good at this, as it allows spaces to keep a light feel, but also add cozy color.

Over the last few months, I have been researching fresh ideas for sage green interior paint colors to add in our own home. So today’s blog post is all about my favorites and the 9 sage green color shades for kitchen cabinets I’ve narrowed to! 


Keep in mind that the type of paint you use to paint your kitchen cabinets matters just as much as the color for getting the best results! Satin enamel sheen or semi-gloss enamel sheen are the most common cabinet finishes. We recently painted our kitchen cabinets, and I cannot stress enough the importance of using a high quality paint. We ended up using a semi-gloss sheen from Sherwin Williams, and it’s absolutely stunning and professional looking. Sherwin Williams Urethane Trim Enamel is my top recommendation and a great choice for painting cabinets. 

But now, what you came for.  9 earthy shades of sage green for your kitchen cabinets!

1. CROQUET by Benjamin Moore

A calming, muted and true sage green.  The perfect colour of green for anyone wanting to add color but also keep things neutral and soothing. 

2. CAROLINA GULL by Benjamin Moore

A muted and yet rich sage green with a range of colors! One of the prettiest shades that leans a bit gray, green, and even a bit blue in some light. I would definitely say this color has blue undertones. 

3. FRENCH GRAY by Farrow & Ball

A soothing greenish gray that can look like both depending on the time of day. My research on this paint shows that it really is a chameleon and changes beautifully throughout the day with different light. 

To me, this color is an easy choice and one of the best sage green paint colors if you’re looking for a nod to color, but would like to keep things neutral feeling. 

4. RAINTREE GREEN by Benjamin Moore

A beautiful, muted olive green with warm undertones. 

I love how it is used in the laundry room below. 

5. LOUISBURG GREEN by Benjamin Moore

A charming, medium gray/green that can lean a little blue.

6. EVERGREEN FOG by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2022. A muted gray green that remains neutral but adds a beautiful pop of color. This one can also look a bit light blue.

7. VERT DE TERRE by Farrow & Ball

Wow this color! A soft green that leans a little gray blue. Farrow and Ball describes it as an “aged green.” This is one of my top 3.

8. HERBES DE PROVENCE by Benjamin Moore

A subtle, muted olive green with a hint of beige and yellow undertones.  I love the earthiness and rarity of this color! 

Benjamin Moore

9. CLARY SAGE by Sherwin Williams

Described as a “soft herbal green.” It’s a stunner! Clary sage seems like a true sage green to me, with a slight yellow undertone for warmth. Also one of my top 3!

I hope my research of the best sage green paint colors for kitchen cabinets helps you on your own hunt for the perfect color!

Until next time,

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