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How to Create a Little Girl’s Bedroom on a Budget

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Putting together a little girl’s bedroom on a budget can feel a bit daunting after looking through Pinterest inspiration. When we were were looking for how to transition our daughter out of her toddler bed into a “big girl room,” there were so many grand and downright expensive ideas flooding social media. It provides a lot of great inspiration, but it’s not always practical or reasonable. 

I had to really evaluate what was needed to make a beautiful and cozy space for our girl without spending a lot of money. But if I know anything, it’s that there are plenty of ways to create a beautiful room on a tight budget! 

So today, I’m sharing what we came up with – a simple plan for creating our little girl’s bedroom on a budget. 


1. A unique bedframe 

I say “unique bedframe” because this truly has the ability to MAKE the bedroom in and of itself. This creates an instant focal point and is a great way to pack a big punch in one go. But it does not need to be anything like ours. It can be so many things!  

We chose to build a “house bed” for our daughter because I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for a Marketplace find or garage sale. We did this a couple of years ago and I’m sad to say that I didn’t document the building of the bed. But! Pinterest has so many great tutorials. I feel like a child’s room is the perfect place to really get fun with something like this. 

We stained our wooden bed-frame in a combination of Weathered Oak and Special Walnut. 

2. Wall Shelves 

We used some old Ikea shelves for this that we already owned. As they originally come in raw wood form, I spray painted them white to give a fresh new look and match our color scheme a bit better. I then added a combination of books and photos. This is a perfect place to display their favorite bedtime stories!

Based on your paint colors, you may want to keep the wood color of the shelves!  Because we already had the wooden bed frame, I thought the wooden shelves were just a touch too much. 

You can find these even cheaper through Amazon. Here is an affordable amazon alternative to what we used. Or these! 

3. Unique lighting. 

This can be so many things! Lamps, salt lamps, flameless candles, sconces, etc. 

My favorite way to do this in our bedrooms is to add sconce lighting. And my favorite HACK for how to do this is to spray paint cheap, old sconces from Facebook Marketplace and add a puck light with remote to make it functional. This is from Nesting With Grace – she calls it her “magic light trick,” and it’s been a favorite around here for years. 

For this light, I used one of the 3 sconce lights for $10 (total!) that I got off marketplace. I spray painted it satin black, and I think it gives this corner a little something. 

So we turned this ^^^ , into this!

4. Sprinkle in string lights! 

In terms of toddler girl room ideas, this one is a must for me. We hung one string of thrifted bistro lights across the top of our daughter’s house bed. This serves as her nightlight, and gives such a cozy feeling to her room.  Here is set from Amazon that resembles ours. 

This could be any kind of string lights, fairy lights, twinkle lights and is a fantastic way to add whimsy and charm. 

The important thing is that my daughter feels like the little princess she is with these! 

5. A comfy place to sit. 

We were able to use a chair we already owned for this.  We have this chair from target. 

However, you aren’t limited to chairs. Think outside of the box! Bean bag, rocking chair, etc.  Check your local thrift store and facebook marketplace. 


1) This one is almost identical to our Target chair for half the price! 

2) Neutral bean bag chair.

3) A leather pouf that can be seating AND stuffed animal storage. It could serve as a storage ottoman as well!  

6. Beautiful area rug. 

A nice area rug goes a long way in tying a space together. Surprise surprise that we found this one at Goodwill for $20. Check your local thrift stores and marketplace! The sky is the limit here. 

7. Matching sheet set and comforter. 

This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, BUT having a cohesive bed will absolutely make a room look cozier and more polished. It’s an easy way to make a room look more put together. 

We got everything from Target and amazon. They no longer sell the comforter we purchased, but this one is very similar and in twin size, only $20! 

We chose a simple light gray sheet set from Amazon. 

8. ONE big, theme-appropriate throw pillow. 

I say one throw pillow to keep things budget-friendly, but man… I could sure go overboard on some throw pillows!  The great thing is that in a little girl’s room, you are more than likely using a twin or even toddler bed. So one throw pillow is actually very appropriate. 

We purchased our flower pillow at Home Goods for our daughter’s nursery years ago, so we’ve had it quite a while and sadly I cannot find a link. But it’s been so good to us, and we carried the floral theme over into her big girl room. 

My theory is that if you have one big beautiful pillow, the room looks thoughtfully curated. 

We have owned the other neutral pillows forever. I find most of our throw pillows at the thrift store. My favorite “hack” for this, is to check pillow inserts (even if the cover itself is not pretty). Often, the pillow inserts are removable and can use re-covered! 

I’ve been loving this throw pillow for a little girl’s room!

9. Add real or faux plants! 

I like to add difficult-to-kill plants in our bedrooms for a pop of green. This adds an instant cozy and put-together feel. 

Pothos, rubber plants, snake plants are a few of my favorites for this. 

We added a rubber plant to our daughter’s room. 

10. Use wicker baskets for storage & fun texture. 

Baskets can serve as dirty clothes/toy/blanket storage to keep things tidy and add more storage space. Especially in a small room like ours. They also do a great job of adding texture and interest to a room! 

I love this one from Amazon!

That’s it! The rest of the room is very simple. The other side consists of a long, white Ikea Dresser for clothing storage and a simple, round mirror. The entire room feels so warm and inviting. 


A fresh coat of paint.

We lucked out and this room didn’t need to be painted as it has white walls, so thankfully there was no extra cost there. BUT adding a fresh coat of paint also goes a very long way in terms of updating a kid’s room on a budget, so this is something to consider for your own space. This is a great place to start, AND you can do it at a low cost. 

Wall art.

With the big house bed and shelving, we didn’t find the need for wall art. But there are so many amazing DIY projects for this and affordable options.

I actually have a tutorial for a Dollar Tree gallery wall that would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom. 

​Creating a mood board is a GREAT place to start for any space. I also recommend creating a pinterest board and pulling out elements that you are drawn to. Write them down and then go from there! 

I truly hope our post for a little girl’s bedroom on a budget helps you in creating a beautiful and cozy space in your own home.

Until next time,



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