Simple Ideas for Decorating Above a Bed

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Hey friends! I’m here today sharing ideas for decorating above a bed.

The wall behind your bed can be a bit of a design challenge. There are all kinds of factors that can make decorating difficult. For example, maybe you have windows behind your bed. Or maybe you do not have a headboard. Maybe there is a low ceiling. The list goes on!

For me personally, I spend so much time thinking about other areas of our home that our bedroom is often neglected. I tend to focus on the areas that guests see most often, but that’s a bit twisted, isn’t it? WE are the ones living here. Our bedroom should be an oasis!

That being said, making our bedrooms a place we love to be is important. And finalizing the little touches is a huge part of bringing your room together and completing the look. So let’s talk about a big aspect of this.


1. One large (or small) framed landscape art print.

I love a peaceful landscape print above a bed. Also, the rule for hanging frames above a bed is to not have them too far above the headboard. You want the frames to appear connected to the bed, and not drawing the eye too far upward.

Here’s a couple of great examples.

Here are a few affordable landscape art options for decorating above a bed:

2. One midsize art piece or photo with sconce lighting.

This is a great idea if you have windows on either side of the bed that might keep you from installing sconce lighting.

What a great idea to use plug-in sconce lighting too!

Check out these affordable options for swing arm sconce lighting here!

3. Combine landscape art and family photos in a symmetrical gallery wall.

This is an incredibly budget-friendly option. I have a tutorial on how we used Dollar Tree frames for this here!

I know that vintage art is trending for above the bed decor, but you cannot go wrong with family photos. Having photos of my loved ones in my room brings me such a sense of peace and comfort!

ideas for decorating above a bed

Don’t want to DIY your frames? Here’s a similar pack on amazon.

4. Display art or family photos in 2 or 3 larger frames.

Something about groups of of 2 or 3, am I right? It’s just pleasing to the eye!

Art ideas:

5. Eclectic, non-symmetrical gallery wall.

I adore the eclective, non-symmetrical gallery walls that are trending right now. What a great way to showcase sentimental items. Maps, photos, art, etc.!

Ideas for frame sets:

6. Hang a mirror!

You can’t go wrong with a mirror. It makes the room look larger and is also timeless. I like the idea of shaking it up by making the mirror unique in some form or fashion. Maybe a unique shape or vintage piece. I love the example and how it’s hanging. Just something to make it a little out of the ordinary!

A couple mirror ideas:

7. Wood paneling, and then let it speak for itself.

I mean – ABSOLUTELY. I love the clean and calm feel of this. This wall speaks for itself. If you are a minimalist, this might be the look for you!

8. Simply leave it blank.

Don’t forget that you can absolutely leave the space above your bed blank. It is refreshing for the eye to leave blank space, and not all rooms need the extra decor!

I hope this post has given you some great, simple, and budget-friendly ideas for decorating above a bed!

Until next time,

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