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Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a round-up of 10 completely free printable wall art that you can download, print, and use throughout your home however you’d like! And with spring arriving, what better way to freshen up your home than to bring a bit of nature inside? 🙂

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free wall art

I love printing art and mixing it in with our family photos on shelves and gallery walls! I think it adds character and charm, while also helping showcase the style and feel you’d like your home to have. In searching for art for our home, I’ve discovered unsplash.com for free photos to use however you’d like.

I like to search for photos that bring about a feeling of “calm,” so I lean more towards nature scenes. So a tip for finding art that matches your style — when you’re searching, think about the overall feeling you’d like to give throughout your home. Is it minimalism? A city vibe? Rustic? Modern? Peaceful? Think on the word and then think up scenes or key words related to that. So for instance, for peaceful… I think of trees, mountains, fields, nature landscapes. I search these on unsplash and then choose and download my favorites!

free wall art

Printing tips: I like to upload my prints to Walgreens, but anywhere that offers photo printing services will work perfectly 🙂 This way, the quality is higher than what I could get on my home printer, but obviously a home printer would work just fine as well. If you’d like, you can crop and/or convert the photo to black and white once uploaded. I often convert photos to black and white to mix in with my black and white gallery wall.

Walgreens almost always has a photo coupon, so make sure to google that before printing! I often get my prints for more than 50% off!

These are 10 of my favorites that I’ve recently found. Simply click the links below and download to your heart’s content! 🙂

  1. birds & boat on water
  2. cherry blossom tree
  3. foggy mountain trees
  4. cactus
  5. greenery 1
  6. forest trees
  7. greenery 2
  8. stacked firewood
  9. lake louise
  10. field

Such a cheap, easy way to make a statement in your home! I hope you love this round-up of free printable wall art!

Enjoy my friends!

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free wall art

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