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Affordable and Timeless Kitchen Faucet Round-Up (And What We Chose!)

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I’ve recently had the opportunity to take a long drive down new faucet lane, when we finally had new quartz countertop installed. When I tell you that I ordered 5 faucets, I mean it. Thank you, Amazon, for your fabulous return policy.

I am a lover of aesthetic, of course. But more importantly, functionality and affordability. I think it should be said that there are a lot of pretty photos in the Pinterest world with faucets that are not made for all the cooking (or dishes) that happens in our home. Our kitchen faucet is hands-down the most used thing in our home. Power, quality, and design were just as important to me as the overall look.

To top all of this off, I knew I needed to stay around $200ish or under for our faucet to keep this within budget. And if you’ve done much faucet shopping, you know a beautiful, high quality one can run around $600. *insert melting face emojis*

So today, I’m sharing my top runners! Faucets that met our requirements of beautiful, functional, and affordable. And ultimately, how I ended up choosing the one we currently have. And I’m putting this here so you don’t miss it – always, always, ALWAYS check the used section of Amazon before purchasing. We got our faucet for a fraction of the cost purchasing this way! Okay, you may proceed.

Affordable & Timeless Kitchen Faucets We Considered:

Important to note: ALWAYS check the used section of amazon for the faucet you’re searching for! I have found that there is almost always a used-like new option for a fraction of the cost!

Kraus Artic Pro

This one is a stunner. What I love about this one is the height, sleek and timeless design, and pot-filler. The pot-filler adds such a fun and unique element.

This faucet has many rave reviews on Amazon!

Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge

I have been so inspired by the pulling back in of traditional design elements. If you’ve been on pinterest lately, you’ve seen bridge faucets all over the place. They are timeless and have never officially left the scene, but they are back in a big way.

This one adds instant elegance and charm to your kitchen and is VERY affordable in terms of a facuet with this look.

However, it should be noted that the sprayer is not built in, so it’s not quite as easy to use as a commercial style faucet. You’ll also need to cut extra holes cut into your countertop, so you need to be committed to this style.

Kraus Allyn Industrial

This faucet could truly fit any design style. It’s traditional meets industrial.

Reviewers describe it as a very sturdy faucet. A win all around.

Kraus Allyn Traditional

I love the traditional look and feel of this one. I was drawn to it because it takes the old charm of the bridge faucets and adds the convenience and modern appeal of a commercial faucet.

Reviewers did say that the faucet is not magnetic and has to be manually put back into place.

Delta Theodora

This one is a beautiful mix of modern and farmhouse to me. It also features Delta’s shield spray technology, which is a sort of power-wash for your dishes, with a water-shield around it to keep water from bouncing out. It makes the cut for me because it’s a statement, very functional, and affordable for a Delta with this technology!

We purchased this one and loved it, but I wanted something a bit warmer for our kitchen.

In walks Kraus Oletto!

Kraus Oletto High-Arc

This beauty is what we landed on, the Kraus Oletto High-Arc (21 inch) in Champagne Bronze. It’s a higher arc than the standard faucet, making it a statement in your kitchen. The Champagne Bronze color is a classic, muted gold that I feel is absolutely timeless.

I was drawn to its simplicity and chameleon-like ability. It’s classic and sleek design make it perfect for any space, in my opinion.

We had a the really nice Delta Theodora before before this one, and while I truly did love it, I was looking for something with a warmer look. Our kitchen is pretty simple, so I wanted a faucet with some pizazz. I’m THRILLED that this faucet delivers not only the pizazz but also the punch. I actually prefer the functionality of our Oletto faucet as well.

We got it for around $130 on Amazon. Amazon is incredible for having faucets in used “good condition” for a fraction of the cost in their used section. Ours looked like maybe the box has just been opened and then returned, and we got it for a fraction of the price! ALWAYS check for a used option if you’re on a budget.

This faucet is sturdy and powerful, and even more stunning in person. It’s hard to capture the high-arc as you aren’t in real life to see things to scale, but it’s a big beauty. While it does not have the sprayshield technology of Delta, it has the power to make up for it. I’ve read amazing things about Kraus customer service, as well.

I hope our round-up of affordable and timeless kitchen faucets (not to mention beautiful & FUNCTIONAL – key word here) help you in your own search!

Until next time,


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