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Our Favorite Amazon Kitchen Items

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Today I am sharing our favorite Amazon kitchen items. These are tried-and-true products that our family loves and uses all the time, so I’m happy to share the goodness!

Amber Glass Spray Bottles – These are amazing for adding water and thieves cleaner to and using as a counter spray. I always keep one next to our sink. Looks pretty and works great!

Five Guards Cleaner – This is an alternative (and copy) of Young Living’s thieves cleaner. It’s an exact replica of the product for a more affordable price. Highly recommend!

Wooden Cooking Utensils – These look amazing in a crock and are great for everyday use. These do hold up better if you hand-wash.

Corelle Dish Set – Call me old school, but I love a simple, high-quality white dish. These are timeless and will LAST.

Ohio Stoneware Crock – Crocks don’t go out of style. This one is large, sturdy, and the perfect pop of vintage.

Rada Cutlery – I am ashamed to say how long I went without a nice knife set in our kitchen. I cook a ton, but it’s something that I just never thought to really invest in. My husband surprised me with this set a couple of years ago, as it is the set his mother has had since she was married years ago. They’ve held up that long! The set is affordable and high quality.

Natural Cleaning Brush Set – I keep these by the kitchen sink for cleaning dishes. As a bonus, they look beautiful on your kitchen counter!

Glass Food Containers – This is another functional and beautiful product. I like to keep commonly used items in these and have a place for them on our counter.

Kitchen Shears – This is another item that I lived way too long without. If you cook often, you need a nice pair of kitchen shears! These have completely changed my food prepping game.

Apron Set – These are super cute and well-fitting.

Reusable Produce Bag – Perfect for hanging your fruits, veggies, onions, garlic, etc.

Double Trash Can Slide-Out – This thing is incredible. It easily installs in a bottom cabinet for hidden trash storage. We installed a cheap, similar one a couple years ago underneath a cabinet. It was super flimsy and didn’t glide well. THIS ONE, however, glides like a dream and is incredibly sturdy. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Gooseneck Kettle – Perfect for making pour over coffees and looking beautiful in your kitchen in the meantime 🙂 If you have open shelves in your kitchen, this is the perfect addition.

Chemex – Speaking of pour-over coffee, there is none better than with the Chemex.

Kitchen Towels – I love pretty kitchen towels. Enough said.

Sourdough Starter Kit – Dutch oven bread has become a staple in our home, and I honestly love making it. This set made it easy for me to get started with this new hobby last year.

Watkins Vanilla – I grew up watching every woman I knew use Watkins vanilla in the deep South. It’s nostalgic for me, but also just the best vanilla I’ve ever found anywhere. I swear by the fact that it makes baked goods taste 10x better.

Microfiber Towels (24 Pack) – These towels are amazing for limiting paper towel use. Ours have been used and through the wash at least 100 times, and they are still going strong!

Over Cabinet Door Towel Holder – The set up of our kitchen does not allow for hanging towels anywhere near the sink for hand drying. I was SO pleased to find this over-the-door holder for the cabinet underneath our sink. I ordered it in white so that it matches our cabinet color and blends nicely.

Nespresso – The Nespresso has been around a while, and is no surprise to anyone. But I couldn’t let it go unsaid! The best cup of coffee. I especially love using the milk frother to make homemade lattes.

Digital Kitchen Scale – I use this mainly with making sourdough bread, but it’s also great if you need to measure portions.

Brushed Brass Cabinet Pulls – This is what we currently have on our cabinets. We’ve had them for about 2 years and they’ve held up beautifully!

Brushed Brass Drawer Pulls – This is what we have installed on our kitchen drawers. Again, we’ve had them for around 2 years and they still look brand new.

In-Drawer Knife Storage – I found this when I was looking for a solution for hidden knife storage. This one is amazing! Slides right in a drawer and the knives are easy to get in and out.

Dutch Oven – Most will probably have a dutch oven, but in the case that you don’t, I couldn’t let this go unsaid!

Coffee Mug Set – I love this earthy coffee mug set. They are sturdy and beautiful.

You’ll find all the product links below, as well 🙂 I hope this list of our favorite amazon kitchen items has been helpful!

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