10 Budget Ideas for Decorating Your Home for Spring

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It’s taken some time for me, but I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to decorate for spring on a budget. And the key for me is to keep it always, always, always keep it simple. To use what we own, re-purpose what we have, shop secondhand when necessary, and get creative with natural elements. 

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately in search of Spring decor, you’ve seen lots of Easter decor such as bunnies and colorful, easter eggs in bowls.  And while I appreciate all decor styles and we absolutely celebrate Easter in our home – the busyness of that particular Spring decor is just not for me. While I know that a maximalist style is in, I am a minimalist to my very core. 

When I think of decorating for the Spring season, I think of simple ways to make our home feel fresh and alive, like the season itself. While we’ve been cuddled up under blankets by our fireplace for the past several months, now we are opening windows and picking fresh flowers. A fresh start to a new year. And while I love everything cozy that winter brings, when mid March rolls around, I always find myself ready for all that Spring brings. New growth, soft breezes, cool rains, green grass, fresh blooms. 

Here are a few easy, budget-friendly ways I’ve found for decorating for Spring.


I’m writing this list for how to decorate for spring on a budget without including spring cleaning, as it’s technically not related to decorating! But that being said, I would start there! There is nothing more freeing than having less “stuff” to manage.  Every winter/Spring, our family goes through our clothes/decor/toys/household items and pairs down. It’s truly unbelievable the amount of stuff we can gather throughout the year!And that’s with being very intentional about what we bring in, and regularly making donations. 

I always enjoy taking the slower months of winter and using them to slowly clear out and re-organize, so that when early Spring hits and we are spending less time indoors with the longer days and warm weather – our home is ready for life to be lived! 

With that being said, let’s dive right in!

1. Bring the outside in with fresh cut stems or fresh greenery.

The easiest way and small budget way to decorate for Spring is to cut stems from your own yard and display them in a clear vase of water in your living space. This is a great way to bring the outdoors IN and makes an easy spring centerpiece.

Something I love to do even before Spring officially hits is to “force blooms.” I do this easily by pruning a stem (or stems) from one of our trees or bushes. From there, I simply place it directly in water and over time, it “forces” the buds to bloom early. For this to work though, it needs to be done just a bit before the tree would be in bloom naturally. Typically, at least for us Missouri folk ;), this would need to happen in March.  

I wrote a post with a bit more detail on forcing blooms here.

You can also buy beautiful stems that look very much like newly bloomed stems at Michael’s. I know Hobby Lobby also has many beautiful options. 

2. DIY Realistic Budding Branch

I did this with faux spring greenery and a real stick from our yard! Alternatively, you could even use faux flowers for this to make it looks like a blooming branch. 

Here’s the full tutorial here. 

3. Thrift or DIY a spring wreath for your front door.

A wreath is one of the most common decor items you’lI see on any list like this, because it acts as a focal point for your front porch. I suggest thrifting or making because if you’ve done any recent shopping for a new Spring wreath, they can actually be a bit pricey and this is a budget friendly way. So there’s hope! I have found 3 spring wreaths at our local thrift store in just the past year. Believe it or not, I actually usually find these right after Christmas! And my theory on that is that everyone is clearing out after the holidays and letting go of old decor. 

This is the one I thrifted for $3, but I actually managed to find it on amazon for just $40! Here it the link, in case you’re interested!

how to decorate for spring on a budget

If you do not have access to great thrift stores, have no fear. You can easily make a beautiful Spring wreath. My favorite idea this year is placing faux flower blooms in a hanging basket. Liz Marie Galvin did this so beautifully in the photo below. 

You could even forage your yard to make a beautiful wreath like Hollie Berries.

4. Decorate your porch with affordable baby shrubs.

I like to use baby boxwoods and yew plants because they work well in containers and are easy to maintain. You can find these at Home Depot and Walmart (or any local plant nursery) for around $5 to $10. I potted them in spray painted popcorn tins from the thrift store, so these were VERY budget-friendly and a perfect Spring addition. You can find that incredibly easy DIY here.

Boxwoods and Yew plants will last through summer with routine watering, and can be planted in your yard in late summer/early fall if you’d like to keep them around.

I’ve also been known to trim indoor plants (like the Hoya seen in the bottom right of the photo below) and re-pot for outdoors in the Spring! 

See all the details for our Spring/Summer porch here.

4. Add a terracotta herb garden to your kitchen window. 

Did you know you can throw tiny herb plants into your Wal-Mart grocery order for just $3 a piece? My favorite herbs for our windowsill are basilrosemary, and mint. That’s 3 beautiful herbs for less than $10!  Not only are these beautiful, but they also are perfect for trimming and adding to whatever you may be cooking! A bit of fresh basil in a homemade marinara sauce is a little slice of Heaven for me. 

I purchased these small terra-cotta pots to go with them (also in our Wal-Mart delivery order). These are perfect for budget spring decor that will continue to bring beauty all year round!

5. Display Spring artwork.

If you’re looking for easy ideas for how to decorate for Spring on a budget, displaying seasonal artwork is an easy, extremely affordable idea. I keep seasonal prints extra budget-friendly by finding free downloads, printing at home or at Walgreens with a 50% off coupon, and displaying them in a thrifted frame. 

I have a round-up of beautiful, FREE vintage spring art here.

how to decorate for spring on a budget

Some of my favorite resources for free art: Wikimedia, UnsplashThe National Gallery of Art

If you do not have great luck with your local thrift stores, I have a tutorial for creating beautiful frames out of Dollar Store frames here! 

Get these FREE Spring downloads here.

how to decorate for spring on a budget

6. Display basket textures.

There is something about a basket that is Spring to me. And I think it must be related to the gathering and foraging that is related to baskets. Just think about the abundance of new life and growth that comes with Spring. Baskets have to be in the Spring decor line-up 🙂   

This can look like so many things, but adding a basket texture somewhere in your home for Spring really brings it together. A small wicker planter, a lamp shade or lamp base, a large basket. You get the idea, you are not tied to one thing. This is easily one of the easiest ways to add a touch of Spring, as it’s so versatile.

how to decorate for spring on a budget

7. Display a vase or glass container of water for fresh flowers. 

Vases and water pitchers are honestly one of the EASIEST home decor items to find while thrifting. This is a great option if you’d like to keep things simple but still add seasonal decor. Do not feel like you need anything fancy to put out fresh flowers. Grab a glass water pitcher and voila! Vases and pitchers do not cost a lot of money at thrift stores… AT ALL. I find mine for around .50 cents to $3 – and are the perfect way to display fresh flowers.

I do not discriminate against flowers and honestly love them all. When I can find wildflowers, even better. And while all flowers are perfect for Spring, tulips radiate Spring. Where you’ve grabbed these from your local grocery store or you order these life-like tulips from Amazon, these are a no-fail way to bring Spring beauty into your home.

how to decorate for spring on a budget

8. Swap out heavy throw blankets for lighter, airier ones. 

If you have darker blankets, swap them out for lighter/pastel colors. 

9. Display a bowl of seasonal fruits. 

There is something about citrus that looks like Spring. Storing lemons, oranges, or limes in a decorative bowl on your kitchen counter is such an easy way to decorate for Spring. This is so simple, but it’s one of my favorite things to bring in a Spring feel. 

how to decorate for spring on a budget

10. Diffuse clean, fresh scents. 

While this is technically not decor, scent plays a huge factor in our overall feeling about our surroundings. I am constantly diffusing oil blends in our home, and I really think it makes a big difference in the fresh, clean feeling. 

You can find this beautiful diffuser in my friend Rachel’s shop. She also sells ready made oil blends, and to tell you I’m a fan is an understatement. A couple of my favorites for diffusing in Spring. 

Hygge (just trust me… this one is Heaven!) | Sunshine

how to decorate for spring on a budget

I hope this list of budget ideas for decorating your home for Spring helps you as you enter a fresh, new season in your own home 🙂

Happy Spring, friends!

how to decorate for spring on a budget

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