Cozy Minimal Christmas Inspiration

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It’s that time (my FAVORITE) time of year. Every holiday season, I struggle with wanting to fill the house to the brim with christmas decor vs. keeping things uncluttered and simple. I know keeping things minimal is what brings our family the most peace. That being said, I like to add a lot of bang for my buck. Each item is intentional, so that our house can be filled with Christmas cheer without getting overwhelming. 

Before decorating, I took some time looking for inspiration for minimalist Christmas decor ideas. Today I’m sharing a few favorite photos that inspired me this year!

cozy minimal christmas

I don’t know about you, but I always wish that Christmas decor could hang around longer than is socially acceptable. Why can’t I just live happily with my Christmas decor until, I don’t know, April. 

For this reason, I start decorating our home pretty early. Our house is usually decorated before Thanksgiving, and I do this for two reasons. 1) So we can enjoy the coziness for as long as possible. 2) So I can slowly add to our decor, fully enjoy it, and not feel hurried.

As a minimal decor lover, I like to look back on what I’ve done in years past and figure out how to use what we already own. But also add a little something new to keep things fresh and inspiring.

So let’s get into the cozy and minimal Christmas decor that’s inspiring me this year.

I love the simplistic coziness of this room by Amber Interiors. The offset garland, natural materials and natural elements, and the simple candlesticks stand out to me most. This is a great way to add a perfect amount of Christmas without things getting too busy. Especially in a small space. 

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I am a sucker for a traditional, cozy Christmas dining room.  The use of garland for the table and old brass candlesticks are a perfect focal point for the Christmas season. A classic look for a Christmas dining table that will never go out of style. 

Source: Jenny Marrs
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The use of natural elements and dried oranges is always a win for me, year after year.

cozy minimal christmas
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There’s something so charming about a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, isn’t there?  I have been loving the look of a sparse tree (a perfect minimalist Christmas tree) this year. I find myself so inspired by this one from Maggie Vollrath. While I love a real tree, we keep artificial trees in our house so that we can decorate earlier and create less mess. 

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The moody, cozy vibes of careyushome’s living room. Yes yes yes.

Source: Careyushome
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These candlestick ornaments (and the whole scene, truly) from Twelve on Main.

cozy minimal christmas
Source: The Spruce

Minimalist Christmas Decorations to Use Every Year:

A realistic artificial tree 

Fresh greenery (or faux greenery) 

​Pine cones 

Dried orange slices

Sentimental ornaments

Realistic garland 

Brass Candlesticks or candle holders 


Twinkle lights (for mixing into garland)

string lights

Your favorite ornaments  (We love sentimental ornaments and each family member chooses a new one to represent their year, every year)

fuzzy blanket

A wreath for the front door 

These things never go out of style, and you can easily add or interchange through the years.

The only new thing I’m adding this year are the candlestick ornaments. I found this affordable pack for $30 on amazon, and it includes a remote!

I hope this list of cozy minimal Christmas decor has inspired your own Christmas decorating this year!

Until next time,

cozy minimal christmas

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