7 Tips for Thrifting for Your Home

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Love thrifting for your home but aren’t sure how to find the best items? You’re in the right place! I’ve been an avid thrifter for around 8 years now. Here is my list of 7 tips that will help you SUCCESSFULLY thrift for your home.

Before you start, if you are a visual person, I have a home thrifting highlight on my instagram that you can see here that gives lots of tips for thrifting, as well as photos/videos!

Thrifting is my love language. I feel as if our whole house has been thrifted in one way or another. I have always loved the hunt of sorting through hundreds of items to find the gem. For me, it’s become a hobby. Something calming and therapeutic. Allowing me to focus solely on the task in front of me and get creative.

I started thrifting when my husband and I needed to decorate our first little apartment together, but had virtually no extra money. I learned to plan, save, and get creative with what we needed vs. what I could find/afford.

All of this being said, here are my tried and true thrift tips based on what I’ve learned along the way.


1. Make a pinterest board of spaces that inspire you.

Maybe you already have an inspiration board. Go back and look at what is creating those spaces you pinned. If you haven’t created one yet, I encourage you when putting it together to not focus on what’s trendy. Pin what speaks to you — what’s beautiful to you in spite of trends. I can appreciate almost all decor styles, but I gravitate towards cozy/calming spaces. When I try to stray from this, I end up changing it back quickly.

2. Make a list of what elements are “creating” the spaces you love.

Is it cozy blankets? Big vases? Shelf decor? Vintage items? Pillows? What items are being pulled together to create the spaces you’re loving?

So for instance…. I love this image from @graceinmyspace on instagram. Let’s break down the image and make a list of what I can be on the hunt for based on this.

tips for thrifting
  • Raw wooden elements. Look for wooden bowls (possibly sanded down), cutting boards, etc.
  • Candle sticks
  • Large crock
  • Vintage art
  • Brass frame
  • Unique mirror
  • Books (pretty books can often be found by removing the sleeve that they are in). See how she has them turned around so that the pages show? This allows you to use books that you may even already own.
  • Vases (these can be easily refinished with spray paint)

Make a “note” on your phone specifically dedicated to this list, so you can add/delete as needed and always have it on hand.

For instance, on my list right now, I have…pie dishes, vintage frames, white bowls, cinnamon roll pan, rolling pins, bedside tables. Quite a random collection (lol). I always have things that I’m looking for, but if it’s random, I add it to my list so that I don’t overlook items.

Visit often.

There’s no getting around this one if you really want to find the gems. I try to stop by my favorite thrift store once a week, right as they open. Sometimes I stay for 5 minutes and other times I stay for 45. Sometimes I leave with nothing and other times I leave with a whole cart full. It’s hit or miss, but truly about consistency.

Try to look at things as what they could be, not just what they are.

I make this part of the process of thrifting. Slowly studying the aisles and considering not just what I’m looking at, but how I could make it into what I need. For instance, could you makeover the vase with spray paint? Could you spray paint the lamp base and give it new life? Can you replace the photo in vintage frame? This is where thrifting is really fun!

Have an idea for where your items are going.

There are times that I think something is neat and I think, “I could probably find a place for this.” However, I’ve learned that if I can’t envision where I’ll put something, I most likely won’t put it anywhere. Thus, it ends up taking up storage in our basement. This is honestly one of the most important tips for thrifting that I can give you. Know where it’s going before you bring it home. And if you don’t have a place for it, know what’s leaving to make room for it. i.e. Switching out seasonal decor

Keep a Donation box in your home.

I love to change things up with decor, which means I’m switching things in and out frequently. When you’re ready to change something out and know that you most likely won’t be pulling it back out of storage, go ahead and put it in the donation box and donate when it’s full.

Circling back to getting creative with the items you find, here’s a recent project I’ve done with a thrift store frame!

I hope this list of thrifting tips help you find the perfect pieces for your home!

tips for thrifting

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