Mirror Makeover

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I was SO excited when I found this beautiful arched mirror on Facebook Marketplace a couple of weeks ago for $20! I’ve had my eye on this arched mirror (pictured below) from Target for quite some time. But as with most of our home projects… I find inspiration in items that are usually out of budget. To get around this, I check Marketplace frequently and keep my eye out for alternative pieces of furniture to “shape” into my pricier item for a fraction of the cost!

mirror makeover

The mirror that I found didn’t have the same exact shape, but it was arched with a real wood frame. It was also just a few inches short of being the same size, so I knew I could work with that!

The only issue was that I didn’t love the color of the wood. It would have been too similar to the color of our floors (in the warm/reddish tint family).

mirror makeover

1. My first step was taking our orbital sander and sanding down as much of the frame as possible. Because of the curves of the wood, I wasn’t able to sand it all this way.

2. For those curved or tight areas, I used a dremel tool on medium-low speed.

3. I went back over the whole mirror with 80 grit sandpaper by hand to even it all out!

mirror makeover

4. Once I had cleaned it up, I went over the whole mirror with White Wash Pickling to take the yellow tint out of the wood. I applied 2 thin coats of this. It takes the yellow out of the wood while also adding a gorgeous aged effect!

5. I wiped off the excess pickling, and then applied a thin top coat of Behr Cordovan Brown stain.

mirror makeover

And the final product!! This is exactly what I was aiming for! I’m still looking for a more permanent place for this beauty, but for right now — it’s bringing me so much joy right here in our entry!

mirror makeover

mirror makeover

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