How to Build a DIY Indoor Firewood Storage Rack

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I cannot tell you how long I’ve been fumbling trying to fill this corner of our home, so I also cannot tell you how excited I am to share our DIY indoor firewood rack today. The BEST part of this project is that it only cost us around $40. It’s beautiful, functional, and a wonderfully budget-friendly way to add character (and of course, firewood) to any living room.  If you’re looking for indoor firewood storage ideas, you’re about to find a very good idea! 

I wake up an hour before the rest of my family stirs, every day. During the winter season, I head downstairs around 5:30am – start a fire, make a coffee, and have some quiet time while the lights are still dim, the world is quiet, and no one needs me just yet. 

Before this project, we stored our firewood in the garage or backyard on an outdoor firewood rack. So let me tell you, those 20 degree mornings trudging out in my pajamas to grab my firewood had me searching for a way to store it indoors real fast. 

After having a dear friend build this beauty in their living room, I fell in love with the functionality and beauty of it and found the tutorial from brepurposed.  I knew it would be the perfect solution and was what our living room needed. I think this can lean towards a classic or rustic look, but also a modern look (if that makes any sense at all). What I love most about this design is that it can truly fit into any design style. And if you have a wood-burning fireplace and no easy access to your firewood, it’s just a great idea all around. It’s perfect for any size room, but definitely convenient for a small space as it “floats” and does not take up floor space.

After building our own firewood rack, the exposed firewood added such a cozy cabin feel to this corner. And while such a simple idea, this thing truly holds a LOT of firewood. 

This is a side note, but if you do not have these fire starters for a quick indoor fire, I’d highly recommend giving them a try. I put one of these underneath my log pile in the morning and it takes very little effort for the fire to truly get going.

diy indoor firewood rack

We built our holder almost to the exact specifications that Bre shares. Again, she gets full credit for this tutorial, because the only adjustments we made were that we:

-Drilled pilot holes and used screws to put it all together. We didn’t want to pay $40 for the kreg jig needed to hide the screws, was the reasoning for this. 

-Marked the wall and drilled into studs on one side and used drywall anchors for the other side

-Sanded the whole thing really well before spray painting. 

diy indoor firewood rack

This simple firewood storage rack is a beginner level DIY project that can be completed within a day and for around $40. We headed to Home Depot to get supplies and were done with everything by 7pm. That’s with lots of breaks because – children. And dry time for the spray paint. But it’s truly a very easy DIY project and a very affordable way to store firewood and create additional storage space in your living room. 

Supplies Needed for Your DIY Firewood Rack: 

Material List for DIY Log Holder: 
(2) 2x2x8 select pine 
(1) 1x12x6 standard pine
1-3/4” Spax screws
2-1/2” Spax screws
Drywall anchors
Stud Finder 
Rust-oleum black spray paint (in satin finish). The satin finish really makes this look like good quality. 
Wood Glue 
Wood Screws 

For the actual DIY firewood holder tutorial, I am going to link you to Bre’s page, as she does a great job and gives free plans with step-by-step instructions!

Here is the tutorial we followed.

Our DIY indoor firewood rack is one of my favorite ideas to date for this room. It feels like a two birds, one stone type project, as it brought so much life to this corner. And as an added bonus, saves me from the cold of the outdoors in the early morning!

*This is meant for indoor use, and I cannot speak to how it would hold up outdoors. 

I hope this helps you with your own DIY indoor firewood rack.

Until next time,

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  1. I LOVE this! It’s exactly what we need! My husband and I are going to try and build one this week. How many screws & anchors did you use to attach it to the wall? Any issues with the weight of the wood?

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