Tasteful and Minimal Fall Decor Ideas

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Today I’m sharing tasteful and minimal fall decor ideas, to help you bring the magic of fall into your home without adding the clutter!

Fall is my favorite season. Yes, I am basic! I am basic, and that’s okay with me! I adore fall and all that comes with it. The leaves changing, pumpkin spice lattes, warm boots and blankets, fuzzy sweaters, crisp air, the smell of fall harvest in the air.

However, decorating for fall has been trial and error for me. I love for our home to have all the wonderful sights and smells that come with autumn. But it’s way too easy to add too much and get away from my minimalistic roots.

tasteful and minimal fall decor

At the heart of all decorating for me is the desire for things to be beautiful, yet practical. Festive and yet simple. My eyes get overwhelmed when there is no empty space, so sticking to decor that is also practical has been the answer for me. Fall decorating is all about the rich colors and cozy textures, so I lean into that.

With all of this being said, today I’m sharing my favorite simple, beautiful, practical (and of course budget friendly) ways to decorate for fall!


1. Utilize fall foliage.

I have been loving using a burgundy willow eucalyptus mixture. We got ours last year at Hobby Lobby, so this is actually my second year using it – it’s classic and so beautiful!

Here is a similar option from World Market for $10, as well.

As the leaves start to change, you can also simply clip a stem from a tree outdoors for extra fall charm.

tasteful and minimal fall decor
BUDGET IDEA: I took a $2 water pitcher from Goodwill and spray painted it satin black to make our black vase centerpiece!

These are faux aspen leaf stems from Michaels that I trimmed down to give a more realistic look to. I wanted the fullness of two branches, but to get the real fall branch look that I wanted, there needs to be a sparseness to the leaves. So I trimmed quite a lot of leaves from these branches to get this look!

2. Decorate with seasonal fruit.

Pears and apples are a great option for this. I love using apples because that’s also practical for our family. We go through a lottttt of apples, so it’s not unusual for them to be in a bowl on our counter! It adds an instant pop of fall color!

tasteful and minimal fall decor

As you can see by the hand that magically appeared to steal an apple during pictures hehe 🙂

tasteful and minimal fall decor

3. Decorate with textured throw blankets and pillows.

We have neutral furniture, so I like going a bit more colorful with our throw blankets in the fall. Think mustard yellow, burnt orange, burgundy, olive green, etc. I also like to have neutral blankets on display, for functionality and beauty!

You can drape them on the arms of chairs, the back of the couch, blanket ladders, etc. I like to drape them in places that they will naturally be used (on the arms of chairs and back of couch).

tasteful and minimal fall decor

You just can’t help but feel cozy with all that yummy texture!

tasteful and minimal fall decor

4. Candles (real or electric).

Candles are all over the place during fall for a reason! This is an affordable way to add coziness, warmth, and the yummy scents of fall to your home.

tasteful and minimal fall decor

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that my parents own a candle business where they make 100% soy candles out of their home. The Burning Magnolia Co. on etsy, you should check them out! This is what we burn all fall/winter long. They are truly the best candles, last forever, and smell incredible.

If you aren’t a fan of candles, another great way to add warmth and cozy is by using electric candles or diffusers with essential oils.

I have another dear friend that makes pure therapeutic grade essential oil products over at her company, Urton Co. Her Autumn scent is my favorite to diffuse all season long!

5. Add seasonal, vintage artwork.

Etsy is a great resource for affordable art print that you can download, or even check your local thrift store! I found this one last year at our Salvation Army for just $5.

tasteful and minimal fall decor
tasteful and minimal fall decor

6. Firewood (if it’s practical).

If you have a fireplace in your home, displaying firewood is an easy, BEAUTIFUL way to bring a fall mood to your home. I like to keep it simplistic and just have it sitting in a basket, but there are endless ideas for this on pinterest!

tasteful and minimal fall decor

I hope this list gives you some great tips for tasteful and minimal fall decor!

Until next time,

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