Moody Green Bedroom

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Sharing the dark green paint color we chose for our bedroom!

**I get a lot of questions about our paint color, and I’m not always able to answer here quickly. I no longer have a home instagram account, but you are welcome to message me at my photo business instagram account @courtneysmithphoto!

Hello friends! I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been pinning all these peaceful, moody rooms on pinterest. I’ve noticed that the common theme is dark green paint colors for me.

Truth be told, the only room I’ve been brave enough to go really dark in has been our bathroom, and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. Dark paint absolutely create a mood!

So on a whim this past weekend, I decided to ask Dave what he’d think about us painting the bedroom a dark, moody color. He loved the idea, so off we went!

Dark Green Paint Inspiration:

moody dark green paint color

I was honestly torn between a dark dark dark blue or dark green. I stumbled upon “Rainy Afternoon” by Benjamin Moore. This is a good inbetween as it reads BOTH.

I just adore the cozy cabin vibes it gives off, and how it changes with the light… looking a little blue sometimes, a little gray, and very green others. Beyond that, I love that it really does look like a rainy afternoon, giving off all those “curl up” vibes. Sign me up!

That’s all I’ve ever wanted for our bedroom, to be a peaceful haven.

Rainy Afternoon by Benjamin Moore

rainy afternoon benjamin moore
moody dark green paint color

This paint goes on a lighter, more vibrant green that it actually dries. It went on and I started to worry that I had chosen too light of a color. However, it definitely darkens as it dries!

It’s truthfully a hard color to capture in all of its splendor because it genuinely changes so much with light and looks a little different on every wall, at different times of day.

I feel like no matter how many photos I take, I can’t capture how beautiful the color really is.

We get the most light in our bedroom in the morning, and it looks the richest green then. You’ll see below that the photos start showing a bit more of a blue hue. That’s when we have less light in the room.

moody dark green paint color
moody dark green paint color
moody dark green paint color
This photo is a perfect example of how it looks very green on some walls, and then blue-ish on others. I love the variation! Keeps me on my toes 🙂
moody dark green paint color
moody dark green paint color

I went cross-eyed trying to land on the perfect moody dark green paint color for our home. I was so worried about regretting this decision. Now I can’t imagine having waited this long to do it. I hope this gives you the courage to go ahead and do the thing!

I also hope this helps you (even a little bit) on your own hunt for the perfect moody green!


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