Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

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If you’re looking for ways to add your curb appeal on a budget, you’re in the right place! We’ve been making changes to the exterior of our home for the past 2 years.

What I’ve discovered is that curb appeal doesn’t have to be a crazy house flip. It is often in the little touches!

Here are a few easy DIY front yard curb appeal ideas that have made all the difference in our home!

curb appeal on a budget

As always with our home projects, our exterior has been done on a budget (and with two kids running around), so we’ve completed these over a span of 2 summers. But with that being said, here is what we’ve done to transform the exterior of our home without breaking the bank!


curb appeal on a budget


1. Add landscaping.

We mixed boxwoods, hostas, and arborvitaes. We then edged with gray paver stones we found on sale at Lowes. Edging was so important for giving our landscaping a finished look.

curb appeal on a budget

2. Paint the front door.

We used Tricorn Black.

3. Paint your siding or brick.

We used untinted white masonry/stucco paint from Home Depot. This was a one day project and made such a difference!

4. Paint your garage.

We used Tricorn Black to match our front door.

curb appeal on a budget

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the kind of paint and I’ve since forgotten. But I would go with the suggestion of the Home Depot rep at the paint counter! Definitely don’t cheap out for this, as you want it to stand the test of time.

5. Upgrade your garage light .

Seen in the above photo. This is the light we chose from Mernards.

5. Tear out any outdated railing.

This opened up the porch so much and gave our home a more modern feel.

curb appeal on a budget

6. Frame out skinny columns.

Read the post on how we did this here.

curb appeal on a budget

7. Stain columns in a combination of Early American & Ipswich Pine stain

I mixed the two stains together in small batches. Somewhere between 2/3rds to 3/4th of the mixture was Ipswich Pine and the rest Early American. I recommend testing a piece of the wood you’ll be using and figuring out the perfect mixture if you’re using this combo! I just eyeballed it to get the color I wanted.

curb appeal on a budget

8. Add potted plants, furniture, and finishing touches.

This is the most recent photo of our exterior! I’ll have to grab one in the spring when the grass is green again. It’s hard to believe the transformation it’s undergone! And the snow just really makes it pop, I think 🙂

curb appeal on a budget

For ideas on adding potted plants on a budget, visit my post for discussing a Budget Spring/Summer Porch here.

Hopefully this post gave you some handy tips for adding curb appeal on a budget for your own home! Until next time!


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curb appeal on a budget

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