Easy Ways to Add Charm to Your Home

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Hi friends! Today, I’m sharing a few budget ways to add charm to your home interior.

Even with changing styles and trends, there are anchors unchanging anchors for me in design. A home’s charm, that comes from thoughtful details and overall feeling you have when you’re there. You know the feeling when you walk in somewhere and instantly want to sit down and stay a while?

Let’s talk THAT feeling, and how to bring it into your home easily (and on a budget).


1. Declutter and have a place for everything to create a welcoming atmosphere.

In my opinion, this step can’t be missed for a truly peaceful and charming home. A home is more about the feeling we get when we are inside of it. If we are stressed due to the clutter surrounding us, it won’t matter how much charm we try to add.

Getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff really helps us to see that our house needs. We had a big purge last year of all the things that were taking us space in our home. We sold what we could at a garage sale and donated the rest. I had been calling myself a “stuff manager” up until this point, and honestly since purging, I’ve never felt so free.

Utilize pretty bins and baskets that will add beauty.

2. Decorate with indoor plants and natural elements.

Decorating with plants keep things minimal while also bringing in natural elements. I think every room needs a pop of green.

Also think natural elements such as stone, wood, etc.

If you don’t have any plants, this set from Amazon is a great place to start!

3. Invest in comfortable throw pillows and throw blankets.

Throw pillows are as much about the feeling as they are the look. Using high-quality inserts adds comfort as well as quality to your space. Having thick, textured pillow covers completes the look.

By using inserts, you can swap out throw pillow covers as the seasons change, and it keeps things budget-friendly in the end.

We like these inserts from amazon.
(If you have a good thrift store around, you can often find pillow inserts hidden inside throw pillows that have donated. I’ve gotten many of ours this way!)

Keep blankets on the back of chairs and end of couches for a cozy look and feel.

add charm to your home
Source: Danielle Oakey

4. Add fresh or faux flowers/greenery to every room that you can.

Something about flowers or fresh cut stems brings a room to life!

add charm to your home
Source: Lonny.com

5. Utilize area rugs in every space.

A good area rug will tie any space together and instantly add texture and warmth. I like to use them in every space we can, even if a floor is already carpeted.

add charm to your home
Source: Unknown

6. Add fun lighting!

Homes often come with cheap flush-mount lighting. Bringing in lighting that you love, even down to the flush-mounts that often go unnoticed. It will create instant charm.

Source: HouseandHome

7. Play with paint colors.

Your home doesn’t have to be the same color in every room (yay!) Try out fun colors in different rooms for added interest and coziness.

If you’re scared to go bold in the main living spaces (I, too, like a neutral color in our main spaces) – you can opt to go bold in smaller rooms. Bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

I have a blog post written up on how we did this in our downstairs bathroom here!

8. Add pops of warm wood.

Ideas for budget-friendly ways to do this: an old dresser, a vintage side-table, wooden bowls, spoons, wardrobe, photo frames, chairs, headboard, etc.

Natural wood provides a natural element that instantly adds charm and coziness.

9. Decorate with photos and art that tell about you.

Art and family photographs tell a story for me. When I walk into a home and they are present, I instantly feel cozy and right at home.

Putting any trends aside… Make your home yours by decorating your walls with what YOU find beautiful. It truly adds charm to your home, because it tells about you.

10. Add interest and cozy by varying texture.

Add charm to your home by varying the textures in your space. Blankets, baskets, lamps, pillows are all perfect and easy ways to vary texture within your space.

11. Mix old with new.

For those of us that don’t live in historic homes with natural charm, mixing old with new is the perfect way to add charm.

For example, I love the look of this vintage dresser as an island in the midst of this minimal, modern kitchen. Old stools against new floors, etc.

12. Decorate with your book collection.

There’s just something about books lining a bookshelf that makes you want to curl up and stay all day. It’s also a great way to add pops of color throughout your home.

I hope this list of budget ways to add charm to your home has been helpful and given you a few new ideas!

Until next time,

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